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The government prevents the sale of gas cylinders in groceries and supermarkets

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publish date 2022-07-25 10:56:56

The Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority called for taking the necessary measures against groceries and supermarkets that are not licensed to sell household LPG cylinders, and which do not meet the general conditions designated for gas agencies or any other unlicensed places.
The authority said in an official letter recently issued in this regard, that selling household gas cylinders in groceries and supermarkets is in violation of Clause Seven of Article Nine of the requirements for gas agencies licenses issued under the instructions for licensing liquefied petroleum gas agencies issued by it.
The letter addressed to the Prime Ministry, the Minister of Interior and the Mayor of Greater Amman was based on a letter issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in early July regarding the sale of household gas cylinders in groceries and supermarkets, which poses a danger to citizens’ lives.

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