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A sharp parliamentary attack on the Minister of Finance.. carrying the tax portfolio

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publish date 2022-07-25 12:44:01

Compass – Amman

MP Wael Al-Razzouk attacked the Minister of Finance and the Director of Customs as being one of the reasons for the flight of investors and restrictions on them.

During the parliament session today, Monday, the deputy asked about the impact of the war between Ukraine and Russia on “our decisions in choosing investors, and whether some investors are being restricted for the sake of the wishes of the Director of Customs and the Minister of Finance.”

The deputy added, “I swear by Almighty God that the Director of Customs and the Minister of Finance are the main reason, at least in this period, to slander all investors present in Jordan.”

In turn, MP Abdullah Abu Zaid said that the investment problem is not with the government of Bishr Al-Khasawneh, which he said is a “clean government,” but he made it clear that the problem is with the person of the Minister of Finance.

Abu Zeid added that the Minister of Finance had become like a “purgator” in the past when he was wandering in the street, indicating that the minister was carrying his bag to collect taxes.

But the Speaker and the House of Representatives refused to use the term “purgative uniform” and asked to be removed from the social record, so that “Abu Zaid” replied that this was previously “the disinfectant carries a bag and spins with it.”

The deputy added, “This particular minister is far from us, for God’s sake.” If he remains in his position, the investment is completely over.

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