Social and loves people.. A shark smiles at its visitors in Florida (video)

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While many people think that sharks are only ferocious sea creatures, American photographer Greg Tallerico documents another type of shark, which may change your mind.

According to the siteCNN“The lemon shark is a very social shark, and the photographer and American diving guide explained that these fish do everything in groups since they were born in the mangroves.

Far from being social, you will notice that one of the fish that Tallerico depicted, known as “Snooty”She looks smiling, and the American photographer said, while talking to the site CNN Arabic: “No one is quite sure how this happened, but its jaw and teeth stand out, unlike other lemon sharks.”

The video clip was monitored in the town of Jupiter, Florida, USA, and while some people believe it is a genetic defect, others believe it is an old injury caused by a fisherman..

The shark

Either way, this prominent jaw makes her appear to be smiling, which suits her personality because she is very friendly with divers, and because she has seen divers thousands of times, sharks often feel comfortable around them, but sharks are still wild animals, and need to be treated With respect and caution.

“I think all sharks are safe to swim with as long as you respect them, follow a few simple rules, and are aware that you are in their environment,” Tallerico said. time with her.

One of Talerico’s scenes received more than 30 million views across all social media, and the American photographer said: “The majority of people around the world agree that sharks need to visit the dentist.”


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