Facebook makes a change to its home page, making it similar to “Tik Tok”

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publish date 2022-07-24 14:15:13

The Facebook network has introduced a modification to its application, in which the home page will stand out in two sections, in an important change similar to what is contained in its main competitor, Tik Tok, which is very popular.

One of the two sections that Facebook announced on Thursday is based on posts that appear in front of the user in chronological order and belong to any user or page that the person follows, while the second section includes suggested posts to the user based on algorithms and may interest him.

Focusing on the proposed posts would make Facebook more similar to the TikTok home page “For You”, in which the famous video application’s algorithm focuses on determining what a person wants to see and show them in front of them.

These changes come at a time when the Facebook-owned Meta company is competing with Tik Tok for the top of the communication platforms, in an attempt to maintain the largest possible number of users as part of its billion-dollar advertising business.

The world’s leading social network stated that users will appear in front of them when they open the Facebook application, a page with posts for each user under the name “Home”, in which artificial intelligence will show posts belonging to their friends, but also the suggested content in front of them.

“The edit takes into account thousands of signals to help reach users and arranges content in a way that we think browsers will consider most important,” Meta said.

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