“Don’t worry about your candle”… An American woman published the details of her salary increase on “Tik Tok”, and she was fired

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Pay raises are always appreciated because we like that salaries or incentives increase at the end of each month. Bonuses also make the employee happy and even increase his efficiency at work. HR In your company, he told you not to disclose your salary credentials to your colleagues, as this eventually led to an American girl losing her job in a major company.

@itslexilarson I got fired bc of my tiktok 🙂 #igotfired #techtok ♬ original sound – Lexi Larson

Videos of an American woman went viral after she claimed she was fired from her new job after she posted a video on Tik Tok to explain her salary increase, and Lexi Larson from Denver posted multiple videos on TikTok to explain how she managed to go from a promise to a salary of 70,000. In her new job in the tech industry, she will get a salary of $90,000, timesnownews.com.

Although the clips garnered millions of views, her employers didn’t like the fact that she was sharing her salary details on a public platform, so she was invited to a meeting, and later fired from her site because of her Tik Tok videos.

Lexi Larson

She explained, “A couple of weeks ago, I started sharing a video about how I got a job in the tech industry… Well, I’m not working in that job anymore because they fired me.”

Although she decided to remove all the videos, it wasn’t enough to save her job, Lexi said she was called back two days after the first meeting and told that her TikTok videos had created “security concerns”.

The tech worker went on to explain that her company had told her she wouldn’t take any risks even though she hadn’t broken any rules.

The interesting thing here is that Lexi has not done anything illegal, her right to discuss her salary is protected by the National Labor Relations Act in the USA (NRLAccording to a law dating back to 1935.


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