A significant increase in rabies infections in Syria amid a severe shortage of vaccines

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publish date 2022-07-24 09:29:37

Most of the Syrian cities, especially the capital Damascus, Deir ez-Zor and As-Suwayda, are witnessing a large spread of stray dogs, and an outbreak of rabies.

Pediatrician Nizam Muhammad Amin confirmed that the aggravation of the situation is due to the collapse of the health sector, the scarcity of medical services, and the acute shortage of medicines to treat people with rabies.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Amin added that the reasons are also related to “the high prices of medicines, especially injections that treat the disease, which cost one fifty thousand Syrian pounds (equivalent to $13), in addition to the absence of government oversight, and the closure of animal care centers due to the deteriorating situation. economic”.

Amin confirmed that the Syrian war had killed thousands, and the majority of the bodies remained under the rubble and in the areas of clashes. It was a feast for stray dogs infected with rabies.

Citizens complain about the lack of anti-rabies vaccine, including Salim al-Baghjati, whose son was bitten by a stray dog. He says that he did not get the necessary vaccines from the Center for Remedial Medicines for Rabies, and had to search for them in private pharmacies, which cost more than one needle. Fifty thousand Syrian pounds.

Official newspapers issued in Damascus confirmed that the center for the provision of therapeutic drugs for rabies, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Health, has kept the people treating people infected with dog bite without the anti-rabies vaccine, forcing the infected to buy it from pharmacies at exorbitant prices that burdened the pockets of citizens, especially since the treatment period may take two weeks.

In the same context, Tariq Al-Jammal, Director of As-Suwayda Governorate Health, estimated that 291 people have been infected since the beginning of this year, who visited the rabies division in As-Suwayda Hospital.

Al-Jamal confirmed the lack of vaccines in the governorate, indicating that the Division obtains them through the Ministry of Health.

Medical sources in Deir Ezzor province told “Sky News Arabia” that the number of injured in the city since the beginning of the year has reached 238.

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