4 Secrets to Enjoying Carpet Washing Videos for Hours… “Sorting Ideas”

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Video clips that exceed 10 minutes and may approach half an hour. All content is about cleaning, especially carpet cleaning, starting with wetting it with water, applying soap and getting rid of dust, and repeating the matter 4 or 5 times until the dirt is removed from it, and its original beautiful color appears.

This content that seems strange, especially with no talk or words being said or even an indication of an action, only carpet cleaning, which increased and spread very quickly, and even gained millions of views, and many young people expressed their admiration and addiction to watching it for hours. What is the secret?

In her talk to “The Seventh Day”, the mental health specialist, Dr. Samar Kishk, reveals several benefits of watching carpet washing clips, as follows:

First: organization

The mental health specialist said that a person is psychologically inclined to organization and arrangement and automatically finds himself comfortable with the form of cleaning and organizing things, and even increases his enthusiasm to be a more organized person in his life in general.

Second, the arrangement of ideas

The mental health specialist added that the cleaning clips saturate a large hidden psychological part of the viewers, as if he was re-cleaning and arranging his thoughts without effort and giving the soul a wonderful comfort.

Third: Feeling comfortable

The demand for watching this kind of clips increases the feeling of comfort and calm, and the mental health specialist added that that is why you find this type of clips receive very high views to the point that you may re-watch the video more than once, and even return certain parts to see how the carpet has changed shape From the miserable condition it was in until its return, as it was new.

Fourth: a desire to do the same internally

The mental health specialist added that there are some people who may feel bad and increase the pressure that always makes them feel that they are not well, but the cleaning clips make them feel as if they themselves are cleaning and all the problems and pressures are removed with every movement of the brush, and the mental health specialist advised that the person who He follows this type of clips to try to practice them on the ground and remove all dust and untidy things, whether in his room, in himself or in his life in general.

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