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“I give you peace of mind.” By pressing all the time, I became meticulous about all the details and I myself became the one to ask to check on them after I knew about the problems if my mother did not volunteer to tell me about them. I hope to be free from all this pressure and live my life but I do not know where to start? How do I stop being preoccupied with their problems and their lives?


We transferred the problem to Reham Abdel Rahman, a mental health and family counseling consultant, and she said: First, I tell you that your identification of the problem is half the solution, and I see from your words that you have a great deal of foresight in particular and knowing where the problem lies, and this will definitely help you to overcome it with the help of God.

There is no doubt that the main reason for the feelings of anxiety and psychological pressure you are experiencing is not changing your routine; Therefore, you are supposed to practice some of your favorite hobbies, such as reading books, learning a new language, or enrolling in some training courses that fill your void and make you not be busy with others but rather be preoccupied with developing yourself.

In addition to choosing the appropriate timing for your reception of family problems, do not receive the problems of others at times when you are stressed so that this does not negatively affect your mental health, because a lot of listening to the problems of others and overthinking about them and not dismissing those you trust makes you constantly nervous, but be patient and ask them to choose the appropriate timing To present the problem, do not be constantly available, and you should know that married life is full of disagreements and things may worsen, and then soon each party returns to the other and the souls clear, so do not unite with their problems and do not burden yourself with what they have no energy for.

Sometimes being preoccupied with others and the lack of healthy distances in your relationships with them makes you delve into others and unite with their problems, and this of course will cause you anxiety and tension. general; Do not become a prisoner of loneliness, especially since you are still young and the future is ahead.

You will release stress when you realize your self-worth; And that is by talking positively with oneself, accepting your conditions and your life, and practicing gratitude and thanks to God. You can start exercising, follow a proper physical nutrition, and understand your priorities in life. All of these are positive practices that will help you get rid of anxiety and free you from negative feelings.

Woosha service

Within the framework of the “Seventh Day” keenness to communicate directly with readers, and to provide various and various services, “The Seventh Day” launched the “Washwasha” service to receive any inquiries or psychological, social or educational problems, provided that the problems are presented to experts and trusted specialists and publish responses via Website and newspaper.

You can contact us through WhatsApp number 01284142493 or e-mail Washwasha@youm7.com or direct link.


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