9 steps to perfect eye makeup and eyeliner despite the summer heat

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Many girls when applying make-up may waste a lot of time drawing their eyes, which gives them a feeling of exhaustion and frustration for not being able to draw perfectly with some smudges in their make-up that are difficult to fix, except after great difficulty, especially in the summer, but there are some tricks What a girl can learn to keep her makeup on all day, according to the website.birdie“.

Tips for installing eye makeup:

Formula selection

Waterproof eyeliner should be used for long lasting use, waterproof gel liner pen.

Skin preparation

The skin must be cleaned and the eyelids moisturized to remove the oil from the skin by applying a water-based moisturizer, which is free of oil, and it will moisturize the skin without making the area slippery, and the eyelid can be left to dry before adding the primer, and if the skin is greasy, the excess oil can be removed with a tissue gently, and the application can be skipped moisturizer and switch to primer, so any excess moisture is avoided.

Use a primer

If the eyelids are oily, then the primer is an important barrier of natural oils, to put makeup on it, without an equal base, and the eyeliner may skip the eyelid when applying, if the skin is dry, and the matte concealer is a useful trick at the time, and a small point of the primer can be placed with the finger and patting Gently apply it to the eyelid.

powder first

It is recommended to use powder before the first preparation of the liner, before applying the eyeliner, and you must make sure that the eye area and eyelashes are free of excess fat, and then put the eyeliner and powder that lasts for a long time.

translucent powder coat

After drying or applying eyeliner with a small brush, the translucent matte powder can be applied over the eyeliner in short inward strokes, then a second layer of eyeliner can be applied for more intensity.


take your time

Be sure to draw your eyeliner layer by layer, in order, and it may take longer, but it’s worth in the long run, wiping off the powder so your eyelids don’t feel heavy.

Use more than one layer

If you do not know how to control the eyeliner brush, you can draw the eyes using more than one layer, the first being from the eyeliner pen and the second from the brush.

fixing spray

The drawing can be fixed by means of fixing spray or fixing powder in a movement XSpray onto face, making sure to keep bottle six inches away from face with eyes closed.

How to draw eyeliner for a flawless look

The eyeliner should be shaken if it is liquid, and you should start from the middle of the eye, and move from the outer corner, following the upper lash line, as close to the lashes as possible.

Draw a line from the inner corner of the upper lash line, to the middle of the eye to fill in the gap, add wings to begin with and then move at an angle towards the lower lash line.

eyeliner (3)
eyeliner (3)

Eyeliner (1)
Eyeliner (1)


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