Service and confusion: “My father is psychopath and the problems have caused me schizophrenia”

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“I grew up in a troubled family of a psychopathic father, and my mother died at the age of 39. I was ten years old, and when we finished high school we decided to leave home, and I passed high school and entered the College of Engineering. The strange thing is that psychological problems did not affect before college, but Symptoms of schizophrenia began to appear on me when I entered it, and so far I do not know whether the symptoms of schizophrenia were or were I a victim of mental manipulation, they are not sounds or images but very logical thoughts, they told me at home that I definitely suffer from schizophrenia, but I saw many signs of the validity of those thoughts , I saw on my laptop I had many viruses, and it was hacked many times, then I saw a colleague known to us in college who is a hacker publishing a post as if indicating that I had been hacked, many logical and harmful ideas crept into me and suffered a psychological breakdown, and another colleague I suspected He distorts my reputation, so I told him and told him to stop doing that, so he denied that he knew me and told me that I was crazy. Then when the problem escalated and I told him that I would expose his games at that time, that colleague formed a group and my sister entered it and told her then, among the words and insults, that his colleagues had talked about me because I was an introvert. Although he denied many times that he knew me when I spoke to him, then I felt wronged and decided to leave that harmful batch and not attend the exams. It was a very difficult period, filled with many posts that I think refer to posts full of insult and I lived through that psychological struggle and torment, no one helped me No one cared, and I fought until I got out of that crisis, I got out of it when I learned what the word narcissist means, and I knew that I should not have been drawn into these thoughts even if it was a smear campaign, I know that schizophrenia is a chronic disease and I cannot cure it without taking Medicines, but I feel better now, was that schizophrenia or not?”


We transferred the question to the mental health specialist, Dr. Samar Kishk, and she said: All the signs in the way the problem is described and its details indicate that the problem’s owner actually suffers from schizophrenia, and it is possible to obtain drug treatment, in addition to cognitive behavioral therapy by changing the patient’s way of thinking, and she continued that changing the way Thinking means changing it from the negative and melancholy way and the feeling that everyone is against it or that the way of thinking is wrong, and emphasizing that, especially when you see or feel negative feelings, or as she said in a post that contains insult to her with the impartiality of her thinking towards her features and that if this was actually written and that she is meant by it, she trusts herself And that he may mean another person other than that, and this is that we assume that these actions are correct, and support the idea that everyone loves them and does not deal with them in the negative way you think.

She added that this trick and exercises in making positive thinking do not avoid the idea of ​​following up with a specialist and taking the necessary medications, because schizophrenia does not lead to multiple personalities in one person only, but rather is a brain disorder that causes these symptoms, which are hallucinations, difficulty thinking and delusions, so she must focus on solving her problem and also Try to make friends in order to get rid of bad thoughts.

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