Horse milk..A way for Asian countries to attract tourists

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publish date 2022-07-22 09:48:03

Kyrgyzstan is seeking to attract more tourists by promoting horse milk known as komis.

Residents of the Central Asian country, which was part of the former Soviet Union, say that they drink this milk, bathe with it, and assert that it is beneficial for their health.

This move comes at a time when interest in fermented drinks and probiotics is growing in many countries of the world.

Horse milk is the national project in Kyrgyzstan, in a sign that shows the importance of this drink in the country’s culture, so that the country’s capital, Bishkek, is named after the paddle used to stir the milk.

Kyrgyzstan is implementing a promotional campaign through films and special festivals, encouraging the country’s tourists to experience the nomadic lifestyle, by sleeping in tents on fertile mountain pastures near herds of horses that provide milk. Tourists can also have fresh local milk, known as samal, in the tents.

The process of milking a female horse is more difficult than milking a cow, and the process requires the person to hug the thigh of this animal in order to start the process of extracting milk from its body.

The process continues between mid-May and mid-July each year, with the appearance of an asterisk in the country’s sky, marking the end of the season.

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