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What is the controversial Child Rights Bill?

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publish date 2022-07-22 14:38:15

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On Wednesday, the House of Representatives began its first session of its extraordinary session, but it began with a bill that provoked widespread controversy among the deputies, and later the controversy spread to the Jordanian street, which expressed its fears about the many provisions contained in the bill.

A number of deputies expressed their fears about some of the items contained in the draft law, as deputies emphasized that the amendments came as part of a systematic targeting of values ​​and virtue, and in line with international agreements that in essence contradict the values ​​and customs of Jordanian society derived from the teachings of the true Islamic religion.

Article 5, paragraph b of the law states that the child has the right to care and to create the conditions necessary for his peaceful upbringing that respects freedom, dignity, humanity, religious and social values, while Article 7, paragraph (a) states that the child has the right to express his views, whether verbally, in writing, in print or in art. or by any other means of his choice, and the views of the child shall be taken into account according to his age and degree of maturity.

Paragraph (b) of Article 7 states that the child has the right to be heard in any judicial or administrative procedures that may prejudice him, while Article 8, paragraph A states that the child has the right to respect for his private life, and it is prohibited to expose him to any arbitrary interference or illegal procedure in his life, his family, his home or his correspondence.

It is also prohibited to prejudice his honor or reputation, while observing the rights and duties of his parents over him or whoever takes their place.

Article 13 of the draft law states that a child temporarily or permanently deprived of his natural family environment has the right to alternative care, and the Ministry of Social Development, in coordination with the competent authorities, takes the necessary measures for this, in accordance with the relevant legislation, provided that the best interests of the child are taken into account.

The phrase “the best interest” of the child sparked controversy among the deputies, who saw it as a door that allows the child to abandon his family.

Article 20 of the law states that the child has the right to be protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, abuse of his physical, psychological or sexual integrity, detention or any act of cruelty that affects the emotional or psychological balance of the child The competent authorities shall take the necessary preventive measures for this.

The capacity of the parents or the person entrusted with the care of the child does not constitute an excuse for committing any of the acts mentioned.

According to Article 24 of the law, the child has the right to legal assistance in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force, and it includes legal aid, legal advice and legal representation before security centers, public prosecution departments and courts, including the execution judge.

The child also has access to legal aid providers without any restrictions.

Representative Saleh Al-Armouti commented on the law, saying that there are fears of the Child Rights Law, which will be discussed by the House of Representatives in the special session.

He added, “I look at it from the perspective that we signed an international agreement, and this law must take into account the personal status law and not contradict the teachings of Islamic Sharia, in addition to the juvenile law.”

Al-Armouti stressed, “We do not accept the guardianship and interference of any foreign parties and impose their agenda on us.” It must be read alongside the personal status law derived from Islamic Sharia and not violate Article 6 of the Jordanian constitution.

In turn, MP Yanal Freihat warned of the dangers of the amendments contained in the draft Child Rights Law.

“It is not possible to take the law without taking the general context in which it revolves,” Freihat said during the first session of the House of Representatives in the special session, noting that “there is a trend in America that funds the spread of atheism in the Islamic world and targets families.”

The representative indicated that the law removes the child from the family, calling for the participation of the Ifta Department and the Chief Justice Department in studying law so that it does not conflict with Islamic law.

For his part, MP Ahmed Al-Qatawneh warned of the danger of the articles contained in the draft child rights law, which will be discussed before the House of Representatives in its special session.

Al-Qatawneh said in the first session of the council in its special session that “there are schemes behind the law and I am convinced of that,” adding, “As you read the law, you feel as if there is no Islamic law, as if international conventions and organizations are the ones who want to create and educate generations, knowing that Islamic Sharia And the Holy Qur’an is the one who guarantees this.”

The representative indicated that the amendments indicate that “parents are completely prohibited from supervising the child while giving him absolute freedom,” adding: “Yes, we are with freedom, but what is the freedom required for the child.”

The deputy stressed that these amendments “came based on Jordan’s commitment to international conventions, especially the Convention on the Child, pointing to the International Child Convention, which refers to the state’s right to remove the child from his family and provide him with an alternative family.”

Aktawneh added, “I say with all honesty that there is a plan targeting the next generation, and the evidence is that Quran centers are closed to children and summer festivals are opened in every city for the child at the expense of the generation. Then we say that the Society for Preserving the Holy Qur’an is affiliated with a certain trend.”

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