What do you say about your fast food? Friendly pizza lovers

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Many people prefer to eat fast food, because of its delicious flavor and the feeling of laziness and inability to cook, but what many do not know is that choosing a particular meal indicates the personal qualities that he enjoys, and on the occasion of the National Fast Food Day, we review in the report, the personal characteristics of the most prominent fans fast food, according tothesun“.

Learn your personal traits from your favorite fast food

Iced Chocolate Cream

Research by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found that those who prefer foods like candy, honey, and especially ice cream are sociable and likable.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza lovers are characterized by their keen interest in their loved ones and their desire for life, and their constant quest to live in a calm and stable environment.

Salted crackers are ready

Salty crackers are ambitious As research conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Center for Smell and Taste in Chicago found that crackers are aggressive, craving for fame, and unable to accept rejection or criticism.

vegetable salad

A study published in the journal Appetite People who eat more salads and vegetables tend to open up and make new experiences.

Chocolate bars

A study published in the journal Appetite Nervous people eat more high-calorie foods like chocolate and engage in emotional eating more often.

Green salad
Green salad


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