Severe pain reliever, non-addictive

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publish date 2022-07-21 08:24:00

Scientists have found that BnOCPA acts as a potent and selective pain reliever, resulting in very few side effects, and is not addictive according to the tests carried out so far.
The research was conducted by a team from the University of Warwick with the participation of researchers from the universities of Cambridge, Berne, Monash and Coventry. The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

Opioid drugs such as morphine and oxycodone activate G-protein molecules, but the new analgesic, which is non-opioid, selectively activates only one type of G-protein.

Professor Mark Wall, who led the research from the University of Warwick, said: “The selectivity and efficacy of BnOCPA makes it truly unique, and we hope that with further research it will be possible to produce powerful painkillers that help patients with chronic pain.”
Professor Bruno Fringili, principal investigator on the project, said: “This is a great example of chance in science. We didn’t expect BnOCPA to behave differently from other molecules in its class, but the more we looked into this compound we discovered properties we hadn’t seen before, which may open up new areas. in medicinal chemistry.

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