Recommendations for exempting farmers from interest charges on loans

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publish date 2022-07-19 18:43:00

The head of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Water and Badia, Muhammad Al-Alaqma, said that the committee will submit recommendations to the Council of Ministers demanding that farmers be exempted from interest fees on loans and fines, as well as allowing each agricultural unit to dig a well to increase its share of water.

He added that the committee demanded that the Jordan Valley Authority improve the agricultural roads within its jurisdiction, exempt farmers from bank guarantees with regard to drilling wells, and increase the budget of the Jordan Valley Authority next year to be able to increase the number of its employees and carry out its duty to the fullest, and rehabilitate agricultural roads that It has become an obstacle for farmers.

This came while chairing a meeting of the committee, which was held today, Tuesday, in which it discussed the issue of water management in the Jordan Valley, in the presence of the Minister of Water and Irrigation, Engineer Muhammad Al-Najjar, the Secretary-General of the Jordan Valley Authority, Eng. Adnan Khaddam, and a number of farmers.

Al-Alaqmeh pointed out that several comments were received by the committee about the water shortage in many governorates, saying that this is due to several reasons, the most important of which is climate change and the decrease in rainfall.

He called for the necessity of providing citizens with water through private tanks, especially since the summer season witnesses a high consumption of water, especially in the regions of the Jordan Valley, due to the high temperature, “and citizens are not able to buy water tanks at their personal expense.”

Al-Alaqma explained that the committee was and still stands on the side of the farmers, discussing with them all the issues that concern them and working to overcome the difficulties they face, stressing the importance of implementing the national carrier project, and not slowing down in its implementation.

He praised the efforts of farmers, during and after the Corona virus pandemic, who worked to achieve food security for citizens despite all the challenges and difficult conditions they are exposed to, pointing to the importance of royal messages on the need to achieve food security in the Kingdom.

For their part, the deputies: Atta Ibdah, Ali Al-Ghazawi, Jamil Al-Hashush, Odeh Al-Nawaisheh, Najah Al-Adwan and Majhem Al-Suqur, called for an increase in the hours of pumping and the farmers’ share of water in the Jordan Valley, specifically during the next two months, given the need for acidic products for quantities of irrigation water during this period.
They demanded work to clean the eastern Ghor Canal area from the obstacles and wastes that fall in it.

In turn, Al-Najjar said that the Jordan Valley region is a food basket for Jordanians, adding that the ministry submitted several letters to the Council of Ministers to increase the number of Jordan Valley Authority employees, as 28 technicians and engineers were appointed, and work is underway to appoint others so that the authority can do its work to the fullest.

At the same time, he called on the House of Representatives to increase the budget of the Jordan Valley Authority in the coming years, stressing that there is no change in the current status of the authority.

Al-Najjar indicated that, in cooperation with the Arab Potash Company, the Authority will be provided with a number of mechanisms to work on cleaning the Jordan Valley and the eastern Ghor Canal of all waste; To facilitate the passage of water through the pipes designated for it.
And he indicated that the Kingdom’s water rights are obtained annually from Lake Tiberias, as stipulated in the peace treaty signed with the Israeli side, adding that in 2010 the amount of water allocated to Jordan was increased by 10 million cubic metres.

For her part, Mahasneh said that there is a decrease in the water level in the Eastern King Abdullah Canal, noting that Jordan’s share of water through Lake Tiberias reaches 35 million cubic meters annually, in addition to purchasing 10 million cubic meters annually since 2010, and purchasing 50 million cubic meters from the Israeli side for a period of 3 years, in addition to a surplus from the Yarmouk dam that sometimes reaches 10 million cubic meters.

For his part, Al-Rawashdah called for exempting farmers from the fines imposed on them and for strengthening the cadres of the Jordan Valley Authority to carry out its duty to the fullest.

For his part, Khaddam said that there is an imbalance in the water networks in the Jordan Valley region, as well as a lack of cadres in the authority, which negatively affected the services provided to farmers in the region.

He called on the Minister of Water and Parliamentary Agriculture to pay a visit to the Jordan Valley and meet with farmers there to see the reality of the situation.

He demanded the importance of improving agricultural roads in the region and exempting farmers from violations and fines in view of the difficult economic conditions they are going through.

For their part, the farmers demanded “the necessity of regulating the timing of pumping water to them, provided that it is during the day and not at night, and to increase their share of water specifically during the current period of growing acidic products that need additional amounts of water.”

They called for improving agricultural roads and infrastructure in the area, as well as improving and cleaning water networks and increasing the cadres of the Jordan Valley Authority.

They also demanded that “they are held accountable for the amount of water they receive, and not for the hourly system,” noting that they are allotted 6 hours per day, while the water reaches them only for 5 hours, and they are not compensated in the event the water pumping is cut off, the electricity is cut off, or the pump is broken. concerned with pumping water for them.

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