Al-Fraihat asks the government about the manufacture and export of chlorine from Jordan

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publish date 2022-07-05 16:23:00

The representative of the Parliamentary Reform bloc, Yell Al-Fraihat, asked a series of questions about the manufacture of chlorine gas in Jordan, the manufacturers, the mechanisms for exporting it and the countries exporting it.

Al-Fraihat’s questions to the government come in the wake of the Aqaba port incident and the subsequent publication of Jordan’s export of chlorine gas to the occupying power, in light of fears that it will be used to manufacture weapons that target the Palestinian people.

Here is the text of the questions:

Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives
After Greetings
Based on the provisions of Article (96) of the Constitution and pursuant to the provisions of Article (118) of the House of Representatives’ internal system, I would like to ask the following question to the Prime Minister:

Question text:
1- What are the factories and laboratories that produce chlorine gas in Jordan, and who owns them, and since when did each party start producing this substance?

2- Who are the official bodies that supervise and monitor the production of chlorine gas, and what is the monitoring and supervision mechanism used for the facilities that produce this substance?

3- What is the size of the quantities produced in Jordan during the period from 1/1/2012 to date?

4- What is the size of the quantities of this substance that have been exported from Jordan during the period 1/1/2012 to date, indicating the entities and countries to which it was exported and the quantities that were exported to them, indicating this for each year separately?

5- What are the border ports through which this material was exported?

6- Where are the factories that produce this material located, and how far is each of them from the residential areas, and when was the last sensory inspection carried out to check the public safety conditions in them, and who did that, along with providing me with a report of the visits for the last five years from the date of the question?

7- How is this material transferred from factories to export border ports, and from the authorities that follow up and supervise it, and what are the procedures followed for transporting these materials, and are they passed near any residential gatherings, and how is safety ensured and public safety requirements are met during their transportation?

8- How much of this substance has been exported to the Zionist enemy from 1/1/2015 to date, and how was it transferred to occupied Palestine, who are the procuring parties of the Zionist enemy, and has it been confirmed that it was used for military purposes by the Zionist enemy ?

9- Does the government not know that this substance can be used for military purposes by the Zionist enemy against our people in Palestine, against our Arab brothers, and against us in Jordan?

10- Who are the companies specialized in transporting these materials from factories for export and/or for use in the local market, and how are the public safety procedures of these companies monitored and inspected?

11- Has this material been exported to Syria, how much was the exported quantities, to whom were the exported entities, and what were the purposes for which the export was made?

12- Has the government followed up on media reports that talked about the arrival of this substance to the Syrian regime and the Syrian regime’s use of this substance in bombing civilians of the brotherly Syrian people, and what is its response to that?

13- Answer all questions clearly, in detail and frankly, with all documents related to each item and request attached therein.

And accept respect


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