Will social media become the MPs’ first tool in holding the government accountable?

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publish date 2022-07-02 20:57:04

It is no secret that the House of Representatives has repeatedly failed to establish itself as an oversight tool, not just a legislative one. Despite its objections and sometimes in a state of near unanimity against some government policies, its influence and the way it was formed did not help it.

What opened the debate again was a publication by one of the representatives accusing an unnamed official of causing the death of 15 people, in reference to the Aqaba port incident.

The representative says that this “unidentified” official was responsible in the place where the representative was at the head of his work, and moved between positions, although the representative at the time confronted him – as he described it – in a case of disposing of public money, but the official was raised and promoted and occupied a position that usually became occupied. Ministers or even prime ministers.

Despite the relevance of the deputy’s words, the question that arises is: If the deputy’s greatest possession is a publication on the communication sites about a sensitive and catastrophic issue that affected all Jordanians, then what does the average citizen own?

It is noteworthy that the accident of the fall of a chlorine gas tank in the port of Aqaba caused the death of 15 workers and the injury of dozens, while the official authorities are still investigating the causes of the accident.

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