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Al-Rahhala: A proposal to raise tobacco prices

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publish date 2022-03-26 13:44:19

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The Director-General of the Social Security Corporation, Hazem Al-Rahahleh, revealed a proposal to raise the tax on tobacco in favor of the health insurance program.

Al-Rahhaleh’s statements came during a panel discussion entitled “Social Security Programs and Defense Orders” organized by the Amman Group for Future Dialogues, to shed light on community issues.

During the seminar, which was moderated by group member Dr. Hazem Al-Nsour, Al-Rahahleh said that social security is an insurance system sponsored by the state and seeks to enhance the security of individuals socially and economically. And the insurances applied by the institution and its role on the humanitarian and social levels.

He added that, with the Corona pandemic, the Foundation has gone through great challenges, which it was able to overcome a large part of, and is currently working to overcome the rest of them.

Al-Rahahleh affirmed that despite the support programs that the Social Security implemented during Corona, the financial position of the institution is stable and is witnessing a remarkable improvement, according to the so-called break-even points found in the actuarial study conducted by the insurance recently.

He said that the amendments made by the social security concern future generations and there is no effect on the current subscribers except for a very small percentage, which reflects the stability of the legislation regulating the work of the institution.

He pointed out that the Badir program is tantamount to opening a new page with institutions and companies, and the programs pour the support of institutions and help them to include their employees with insurance and reduce the financial burdens on them.

He pointed to the entry of more than thirty thousand new establishments into social security and the involvement of workers in them, which confirms people’s confidence in the institution.

He said that the institution gradually got rid of some previous behavioral patterns, as it reduced the reliance on field inspection and became dependent on administrative data and networking with institutions.

He stressed that the foundation’s strategy focuses on protecting the most vulnerable class in society.

On the issue of health insurance, Al-Rahahleh said that the health insurance established by the social security focuses on the categories that are not covered by health insurance from the public and private sectors, expecting the integration of one million people and another million in the King Hussein Cancer Center

He said that health insurance in social security will not crowd out anyone and work to fill the gaps in health insurance systems

He pointed out that the source of insurance is part of the contributors’ contributions and part of the contribution from the government and the transfer of part of the surplus work injury insurance.

Rahala revealed a proposal to increase fees on tobacco products as fees paid for health insurance, to be transferred annually to the health insurance program.

He pointed to the Foundation’s endeavor to develop the media method and use modern tools and address all groups that would benefit from social security to raise awareness and provide services to them in the correct manner.

He stressed that the Corporation is in the process of announcing its recently conducted actuarial study, through which the details of the work and the strategies that follow the work of the Social Security Corporation will be announced.

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