Strict medical warning: Not every cough is Corona.. Look for the “most dangerous”

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publish date 2022-03-25 09:32:40

With the spread of the Corona virus globally, the chief public health doctor in Britain warned against declining interest in some other diseases, and ignoring signs that owners believe indicate that they have “Covid 19”.

And Dr. Jenny Harris said, in comments reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), that persistent cough and fever, which are symptoms of infection with the Corona virus, may be a sign of other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

The warning from the country’s chief public health doctor comes with data that more than 4,400 cases of tuberculosis were recorded in England during the past year alone, compared to 4,125 cases in 2020, but it is possible that there are unrecorded cases during the “Covid 19” epidemic.

British charities are calling for more funding to be raised to tackle tuberculosis around the world, while the Corona epidemic and conflicts have hampered progress in stopping it.

In 2020, deaths from tuberculosis ranked second, after Corona, globally, in the list of deaths from infectious diseases.

Harris, chief executive of the UK’s Health Security Agency, said late diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, could increase the number of undetected cases.

She added, “It is important to remember that not every chronic cough, besides fever, indicates infection with corona.”

“A cough that is usually accompanied by mucus and lasts for more than 3 weeks can be caused by a range of other problems, including tuberculosis,” Harris said.

Although tuberculosis is sometimes life-threatening, the vast majority of cases can be successfully treated with appropriate antibiotics for 6 months.

But incomplete or inadequate treatment can lead to the development of drug resistance, which makes it necessary to try other combinations of treatments.

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