For girls.. the rules and etiquette of attending mosques in Ramadan, the most important of which is personal care

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The month of Ramadan is a month of worship and a race to win the approval of the Creator, glory be to Him. , especially for girls.

Oral and body care:

The etiquette expert said in her speech to The Seventh Day: “You must be clean and smell good. It has a strong odor such as onions, garlic, etc. It is not acceptable to use make-up when going to the mosque.

Mosque clothing etiquette:

And she continued: “The mosque’s clothing must reflect the personality of the Muslim woman, so it must be loose, not see-through, not describe, and it is not acceptable to wear drooping made of cotton material, or to go with home clothes. Closed shoes to keep the feet clean and consequently the mosque’s furniture.”

Speaking in the mosque:

The etiquette expert warns against talking in the mosque: “It is never right for the mosque to meet neighbors and friends and talk about all things. This bad habit loses reverence in prayer and spoils the prayer of others.

First row etiquette in the mosque:

And she says: “In every mosque we find a group of people who are close and always present in the mosque, and they consider it their second home and preserve it, but they consider the first row in prayer their own and unchallenged, and they may create problems because of their ownership of it. And etiquette.

Etiquette of children going to the mosque:

She explains: “It is wonderful for children to get used to going to the mosque. It is possible for us to accompany our children, but they must be at a certain age, from 4 to 5 years old, and have good mosque etiquette and dialogue etiquette, but it is not acceptable to accompany children in the infancy stage because they are difficult to control due to their young age.”

A mother and her child inside the mosque

Tips for praying in the mosque
Tips for praying in the mosque

Mosque prayer etiquette
Mosque prayer etiquette


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