An emergency complaint to the police over a missing meal

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publish date 2022-03-25 17:24:56

A police station in the US state of Ohio received a phone call to the emergency line, from a woman who expressed her dissatisfaction with a meal she received from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Ohio police revealed that they had received a call to the emergency number 911, from a woman “who was very angry”, and filed a complaint that she received a meal “Kentucky Chicken” containing 4 pieces, while she paid for the meal, which includes 8 pieces.

According to the policeman who received the call, the woman was angry and said, “I only got 4 pieces. I want the rest of the chicken.”
Although the policeman assured the woman that her problem was not classified as an emergency, and that she should file a civil complaint, the woman, whose name was not revealed, insisted on her request to send a police officer to her home for verification.

In response to the woman’s request, the police station sent an individual to hear the woman’s complaint, but he told her that the case was not an emergency, and that she had to file a civil dispute complaint.

Following the incident, Ohio Police issued a statement asking citizens to refrain from calling emergency numbers except in cases that require police intervention, according to the United Press International.

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