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Bani Amer: “Municipal member” for Jordanians is more important than the position of Parliament Speaker

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publish date 2022-03-23 21:31:10

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Director of Al-Hayat Center – Monitor, Dr. Amer Bani Amer, confirmed that the municipal elections for Jordanians are more important than the parliamentary elections.

Bani Amer added, in the context of his speech to the “Voice of the Kingdom” program, on the “Al-Mamlaka” channel, this evening, Wednesday, that by monitoring the electoral campaigns, and what was monitored through various social media to elect a “municipal member”, the language of mobilization to participate in his election was great. He pointed out that a threat to use weapons was detected in some areas due to running for membership in a municipal council.

He continued, “A member of the municipality for Jordanians…sometimes equals and is more important than the speaker of parliament and the membership of parliament and all parliament,” stressing that municipalities are historically linked to the history and conscience of Jordanians, and have a relationship with their affiliations and leadership values ​​at the level of local communities.

Bani Amer pointed out that there were municipalities that existed before the establishment of the Jordanian state; As the municipality of Irbid, and accordingly, this legacy has a very big role in the lives of Jordanians, indicating that we had a parliament and the powers of this council in the fifties.

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