A Jordanian player withdraws from an international tournament in refusal to normalize sports

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publish date 2022-03-23 18:54:29

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The boycott movement in Jordan expressed its pride in the decision of Jordanian tennis player Musa Al-Qutb to withdraw from continuing and participating in the Sharm El-Sheikh International Championship, in refusal to confront players from the occupying country in this tournament hosted by Egypt.

Al-Qutb had confirmed and announced his withdrawal from this tournament, through a post he wrote on his official account on Facebook: “Playing against the representative of the Zionist entity is a recognition of his existence, before winning and losing.”

The boycott movement said that confronting players from the occupation represents a breach of the agreed-upon Palestinian, Arab and Jordanian boycott standards, and the acceptance of playing against representatives of the occupation is a contribution to whitewashing the crimes of the occupation and breaking the isolation imposed by the rise of the boycott movements globally.

It is noteworthy that this pole’s decision met with wide interaction and welcome at the Jordanian and Arab national levels, as an embodiment of Jordanian and Arab positions towards the enemy and its arrogance.

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