Natural recipes for teeth whitening..it will not cost you much and its ingredients are in your kitchen

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Every person dreams of getting white teeth, until he speaks while feeling self-confidence in front of others, so he resorts to different methods that help him to achieve this without paying a lot of money, or damage to his teeth, and this can be done by following natural recipes for teeth whitening by following certain methods We review them in this report, according to the websitemadentalassociates“.

Natural Teeth Whitening Recipes: Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

This recipe helps to get whiter teeth by preparing 2 to 4 teaspoons of baking soda and enough lemon juice or water to make a paste, preparing a toothbrush, then preparing a small bowl, then pouring the desired amount of baking soda and then adding lemon juice or Water slowly, depending on the amount of baking soda, and once you get the desired consistency, put a large amount on the toothbrush and brush the teeth for 2-3 minutes, repeating the recipe several times a week for a positive result.

Coconut oil teeth whitening recipe

The benefits of coconut oil are numerous, including whitening the teeth, fighting the yellow bacteria present in plaque, and helping to improve gum health and get rid of bad breath, and for this it is recommended to prepare a tablespoon of coconut oil, before brushing the teeth, and then rinse the mouth with it for a period ranging between 5 to 10 minutes, then spit out the oil and brush the teeth, repeating the recipe on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Apple cider vinegar for teeth whitening

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and enzymes, which help eliminate harmful bacteria while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. It also works to break down plaque or other materials stuck to the teeth, by preparing – 1 To 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, rub the apple cider vinegar on the teeth for one to two minutes, then rinse the mouth well with water.

Strawberry and salt to whiten teeth

Strawberry helps whiten teeth by preparing – 1-3 Strawberries, a pinch of salt and 12 teaspoons of baking soda, then prepare the strawberries, salt and baking soda into a mixing bowl, then continue to mash and mix the ingredients until the dough holds together, before washing the teeth with the paste, taking care to put an abundant amount of toothpaste to clean the teeth for five minutes Repeat the recipe to get clean teeth.

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening natural recipes
Teeth whitening natural recipes
Teeth whitening recipes
Teeth whitening recipes


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