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“Meteorology”: Recording “extreme” weather phenomena in the Kingdom

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publish date 2022-03-23 23:04:56

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Director of the Meteorological Department, Raed Al Khattab, confirmed that extreme weather phenomena have been recorded in various countries of the world, including Jordan, indicating that these phenomena were in the form of heat waves and others in the form of dust waves, fires and severe phenomena.

Al-Khattab added in his speech on the “Pulse of the Country” program on the “Roya” channel screen, this evening, Wednesday, that what we are witnessing from cold weather, is due to the flow of cold air from Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, and accordingly we recorded temperatures below average during the past ten days. .

With regard to tonight, he said that there will be no rain, but rather calm, with very cold weather, as sometimes the temperature reaches zero in the high mountains.

Al-Khattab added that this air will head to the west of the island of Cyprus, so that the air will be concentrated over the island of Cyprus and the Lebanese coast, and thus the cold air will deepen on Thursday, and temperatures will decrease and rain will fall in the northern and central regions.

He pointed out that the heavy rain will be tomorrow during the afternoon and afternoon hours, with hail and snow showers in the high areas, and there will be heavy rain on Friday morning, as a result of the high cooling in all weather layers, while the impact of this weather condition gradually weakens on Friday evening.

Al-Khattab pointed out that in the middle of next week (Monday), there will be a gradual rise in temperatures, and moderation and a feeling of warmth will begin, as we will record temperatures at the beginning of the twenties next Tuesday.

Regarding the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, he stressed that the first week of Ramadan will have a feeling of warmth, with temperatures exceeding the mid-twenties, indicating that the rainy season has not ended, according to indicators of rainy weather conditions.

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