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Arrest of 6 people in Amman and transfer of 4 juveniles to court

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publish date 2022-03-22 23:56:47

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The municipal and provincial council elections, and the Amman Municipality Council, which took place today, Tuesday, witnessed the registration of some irregularities that did not affect the conduct of the electoral process, according to the media spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Tariq Al-Majali.

In an interview with Hala News, Al-Majali stated that 10 people were arrested in the capital, Amman, 6 of whom were arrested by the governor of the capital, and 4 juveniles were referred to the Juvenile Court.

He stressed the continuation of readiness within the plan of the ministry and the security services to follow up the events accompanying the electoral process and the issuance of the results, which aim to stir up commotion or riot, especially the firing of bullets to deal with them firmly.

Al-Majali pointed out that in the event that shots were fired by the candidates’ supporters, the file of any case would not be closed until the candidate was summoned, the shooter was arrested and the weapon used was seized.

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Jordan News

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