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Al-Khasawneh is annoyed by Al-Fayez.. The percentage of the elections surprises the references in the state.. A senior official of the satellite channel: “We are the ones who finance you.”

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publish date 2022-03-23 14:42:17

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Al-Khasawneh is annoyed by Al-Fayez

The speech of the Speaker of the Senate, Faisal Al-Fayez, before the Crown Prince at the first National Youth Dialogue Conference, caused Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh’s annoyance.

According to the source, Al-Khasawneh reproached Al-Fayez for his criticism of the government during the conference.

The percentage of the elections surprises the references in the country

The rate of participation in the local elections surprised many references in the state, who considered them to be very low, and have connotations opposite to the state’s orientation in the file of political reform.

A senior satellite official: “We are the ones who finance you.”

The chairman of the board of directors of a “semi-official” Jordanian satellite channel received a call from a senior official in which he blamed him for news that was critical of the government.

The official did not miss the opportunity to remind the chairman of the board that the government is the one who funds the satellite channel, saying, “We are the ones who finance you.”

Al-Najjar plans to merge the Writers Association with the “Etihad”

The Minister of Culture, Haifa Al-Najjar, plans to merge the Jordanian Writers Association into the Writers’ Union, which is the minister’s project during the next stage.

Not a quorum.. the secret of postponing the parliament session

The loss of the quorum was not the reason for the adjournment of the parliament’s session on Wednesday, contrary to what was announced.

The reason, according to the source, is the lack of readiness to form the Health and Environment Committee, which was recently dissolved due to the resignation of 7 of its members.

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