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The Public Security Directorate said, on Wednesday night, that it had “ended all manifestations of riots” that erupted after the end of the voting process in the provincial and municipal council elections, and the Amman Municipality Council, noting that 74 people had been arrested.

The directorate said in a statement, “We ended all the riots that erupted after the end of the voting process in a number of regions, and during dealing with them, we arrested 74 people, who will be investigated and referred to the judiciary.”

The Public Security Directorate had said, earlier on Tuesday, that it had ended, with the necessary force, riots in a number of regions of the Kingdom and arrested participants, noting that it was “dealing with riots in other regions.”

She explained that she had “ended the riots in the Hashemite-Zarqa area and arrested 6 people who participated in them,” pointing to “an end to the riots in the Khalidiya area in the Mafraq governorate, in addition to two riots in Jerash that resulted in a vehicle fire, and a number of participants were arrested in those events and reopening the road after trying to close it.”

In Irbid Governorate, “40 people who gathered in front of the Al-Hassan Industrial City and rioted” were arrested, according to the directorate.

And “the security force is now dealing with riots in the Taybeh brigade in Irbid governorate, the commercial center in Karak governorate, and a brawl and gatherings in the Jabal al-Taj area,” the directorate stated.

The directorate affirmed, “I prepared it to deal firmly and immediately with everything that might disturb the public peace, and to follow up on all incoming communications and respond to them with the necessary force.”

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