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publish date 2022-03-22 09:45:41

German nutritionist Elke Binder said that “Orthorexia nervosa” is an eating disorder that means “obsession with healthy food”; People with this disorder are concerned about eating healthy, organic foods and how they are prepared and cooked, and they stay away from foods containing sugar, fats and artificial additives in an exaggerated and compulsive manner.
Bender added that this disorder affects young people of both sexes, motivated by the pursuit of perfection and the intense desire to have an ideal body, similar to the stars of art and sports.

Binder pointed out that neural orthorexia can have severe consequences such as unilateral feeding, which in turn leads to severe malnutrition and severe weight loss, in addition to social isolation, loss of enjoyment of food and sharing with others and falling prey to obsessive-compulsive disorder.
When these symptoms are noticed, the relatives of these people should talk to them about this and encourage them to consult a psychiatrist to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps them change their beliefs, misconceptions and exaggerated view of nutrition, and then help them again to follow a healthy diet characterized by diversity and balance with Enjoy the deliciousness of food without overdoing it.

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