A Ukrainian refugee of a different kind.. with her millions of dollars in cash

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publish date 2022-03-22 18:24:32

Hungarian customs authorities have found a huge sum of money in the possession of the wife of a controversial tycoon in Ukraine, after she crossed the border.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Hungarian customs found $28 million and about 1.3 million euros in cash in the bags of Anastasia Kotvitsky, the wife of controversial Ukrainian parliamentarian Igor Kotvitsky.

Local media published pictures showing the huge facts, most of which were filled with bundles of dollars.

The Hungarian authorities opened an investigation into Kotvitsky’s failure to disclose the money in his possession, and withdrew it from a war-torn country.

Kotvitsky’s case is different from that of millions of Ukrainian refugees wandering about, searching for the most basic necessities.

Commenting on the incident, Kotvitsky, who is one of the richest politicians in Ukraine and has huge commercial influence, said that his wife left the country in order to give birth.

He denied reports that his wife possessed this huge amount when traveling, and said: “All my money is in Ukrainian banks, and I did not withdraw anything.”

The wife did not comment on the incident, as she was accompanied by her mother and two Hungarian men when the money was seized.

The money went out of Ukraine, contrary to the law, without anyone in its way, and only customs officers in Hungary discovered it, according to the Ukrainian newspaper, “Oposrivatel”.

Reports stated that there are calls to open an investigation with border officials, who allowed this money to be smuggled out of Ukraine, according to a businessman who spoke of “a specific tariff imposed by customs officials on money smuggling.”

The Ukrainian people are very sensitive to the country’s wealthy elite, who are seeking to smuggle their money abroad by land, after flights were suspended.

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