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Why boycotted the majority of Jordanian elections?

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publish date 2022-03-22 20:42:46

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Emad Abdel Karim

The voter turnout in the municipal and provincial council elections was disappointing, reaching (29.64%) after months of encouraging the importance of youth participation and the participation of women in the elections.

The percentages announced by the Independent Electoral Commission on Tuesday evening, before the closure of the funds, did not achieve the government’s desire for participation and voter turnout and the creation of elected councils that represent all segments of society.

The writer and political analyst, Nabil Ghishan, said that this percentage in general was similar to the percentages of the last parliamentary elections two years ago, and it is very small and does not reflect the opinion of Jordanians who want reform and development.

Gishhan added in statements to “Akhbar Al-Jordan”: I think that the low percentage was in the capital, Amman, which did not exceed 14%, which is the same as in the last parliamentary elections, and this indicates that the street has not changed and is still stagnant.

He continued: This indicates that the political reform process that the state has embarked on for months, citizens have not taken seriously, and that it is not convincing until now for people.

Ghishan indicated that today’s polls and voter turnout are a sample and an indicator for the upcoming parliamentary elections, but the number should be more than 29% so that it will reach 50% in the upcoming elections.

He pointed out that the elections took place today without interference from any external parties, and this was clear from the conduct of the election process and the failure to extend the voting period until the percentage increased.

The voter turnout in the provincial, municipal and Amman municipal council elections, as of 7 p.m. today, was 29.63% in all governorates of Jordan, according to the Independent Election Commission.

Voting rates were distributed as 15.55% for males and 14.08% for females, while the total number of voters reached 1.362998 male and female voters.

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