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Purchasing, public voting and filming of the poll

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publish date 2022-03-22 15:55:07

Today, Tuesday, the Monitoring Alliance for the 2022 local elections announced that 223 electoral observations, including serious violations and moderate and minor violations, were recorded until two o’clock in the afternoon.

The coalition stated that cases of violence were recorded in Jerash, Fuheis and Mafraq, in addition to a breach of the secrecy of voting, a case of public voting in a number of polling stations, and cases of vote buying.

The results of Rased to monitor the elections of the Governorate Council, the Municipal Councils and the Amman Municipality Council showed that the number of voters until 9:30 am reached 715,067 male and female voters out of the total number of male and female voters registered in the final lists, which reached 4,599,602 male and female voters, compared to the number of male and female voters until 2:00 pm in In 2017, we find that there was an increase in the number of voters, as the number of voters today was 715,076, while the number of voters in 2017 at two o’clock was 653,000 thousand male and female voters.

The results of the monitoring showed an increase in the flow of voters after the morning period, and the increase in the flow was accompanied by an increase in the number of observations that were monitored, as the total observations received by the Operations Room in Rased amounted to 223 electoral observations, and Maan and Jerash topped the number of electoral observations, as their number in Jerash reached more than 65 observations within the polling stations of the Greater Jerash Municipality, and the number in the polling stations of the Greater Ma’an Municipality reached more than 30 observations, and most of the observations were passed to the Independent Election Commission, and it is possible to talk based on the observations received that there are individual errors by some heads and members of the committees, and this requires strengthening And tighten the follow-up to them first.

And speaking of the classification of electoral observations, the number of observations related to public voting reached 22 observations, for example, Al-Burj School in Jerash Governorate, Ma’an Secondary School for Girls and Al-Shifa Bint Auf Elementary Mixed School in Ma’an Governorate. Regarding the photocopying of ballot papers inside the electoral district, the percentage of observations reached 14%. Of the total observations, where more than 32 observations were made about the photocopying of ballot papers, and regarding the observation of the presence of more than one person at the polling station, 8% of the total observations were made. For example, Juwaida Elementary Mixed School in Amman Governorate, and Marj Al-Hamam Secondary School for Boys in the capital, Amman And voting outside the electoral district in Al-Burj School in Jerash Governorate and Girls’ Secondary School in Mu’tah Municipality and Al-Mazar in Karak Governorate, and the impact on voters was monitored by 18% of the observations, for example, Khawla Bint Al-Azwar Elementary Mixed School in Amman, and Al-Ghaweer Secondary School for Boys in Karak Governorate. Abel Elementary Mixed School in Tafila Governorate, and Taym Mixed School in Madaba Governorate, and attempts of impersonation were monitored in many centers, especially In the governorate of Ma’an, a number of cases of violence were monitored and verified by the electoral commissions, and with regard to cases of violence, a number of cases of violence were monitored in the governorates of Ma’an, Jerash, Fuheis and Mafraq, and notes related to vote buying in southern Amman were sent directly to the Independent Election Commission .

With regard to the results of monitoring, it was found that all polling stations verify the status card, and regarding the presence of unauthorized persons to enter, 4% of observers reported that they noticed the presence of unauthorized persons to enter, and 2.5% of observers said that voting takes place outside the polling station. With regard to the commitment to electoral ink, 99% of observers reported that the electoral committees are committed to ink, but a spot was observed on the voter’s right index finger instead of the left.

With regard to electronic connectivity, observers reported that the electronic connectivity system stopped in 5% of the centers due to power outages or disconnection of the Internet connection. With regard to mass voting cases, observers reported a rate of 4.8% about the existence of mass voting cases, and regarding voter guidance by candidate representatives within Polling centers and rooms, observers mentioned that 11% of the polling stations witnessed a voter orientation, for example, Fawzi Al-Mulqi School in Mafraq Governorate. As for the suspension of the voting process, 9% of the observers said that the voting process was stopped because of prayer or lunch, for example Al-Ruweem School The primary school for boys in Tafileh, the Ajloun Comprehensive Secondary School for Girls in Ajloun, the Shamiya Elementary Mixed School in the Ma’an Governorate, and Box No. 52 in the Greater Ma’an Municipality is suspended until this moment.

In the same context, the Monitoring Team worked to monitor social media platforms to monitor hate speech in all its forms on social media platforms, where a group of candidates’ pages, local media and public pages of the governorates with more than 250 thousand followers were tracked, 3096 posts were monitored on These pages, where it was found that there were 121 comments containing a form of hate speech, the percentage of comments containing cyberbullying was 53%, the percentage of comments aimed at inciting violence was 15%, and the percentage of comments containing violations and violations was 12%, The percentage of comments containing inciting citizens not to participate in the elections was 11%, while the percentage of comments containing insults and insults amounted to 9% of the total comments that were monitored.

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