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“Monitor”: 66 electoral notes until 9.30 am and hate speech in some areas

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publish date 2022-03-22 09:53:15

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Director of the Monitoring Coalition for Municipal and Provincial Elections Monitoring, Amer Bani Amer, said that the Monitoring team monitored 66 electoral observations until nine thirty in the morning, while 1,200 electronic comments were monitored on social networking sites related to hate speech and mobilization.

Bani Amer confirmed that our teams cover 50% of the polling stations in Jordan, according to international standards.

Bani Amer added that about 140 thousand voters cast their ballots until nine thirty in the morning.

Bani Amer explained that the morning launch was very good, and the equipment of the independent commission was very good, but we noticed some observations.

He continued, “We are concerned about the existence of agitation and mobilization, and there is activity for electoral campaigns inside the polling stations.”

Among the “18 municipal council members who won by acclamation, all of them are males, a mayor, and 4 members of provincial councils.”

He pointed out that the competitive rate was about 3.5 for the seat.

He pointed out, “There is a polling station in Irbid far from the voting bloc, and we informed the commission,” noting that 84% of the centers are equipped for people with disabilities.

And he stated, “Not disabling the private sector will negatively affect the percentage of voting in general and the percentage of female voting in particular.”

“We spotted some hot spots and the mobilization started yesterday, including Ajloun and southern Amman,” according to Bani Amer.

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