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Jordan is on a date with an air depression on Wednesday that deepens into snow

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publish date 2022-03-21 23:07:35

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Tomorrow, Tuesday, the air depression is approaching the eastern Mediterranean; Including the Kingdom, and air turbulence at its front will occur in parts of the north and center of the Kingdom, so that temperatures remain 6-8 degrees below their general rates.

According to the forecasts of the “Mina Weather” platform, cold weather prevails in general and clouds multiply at different heights with chances of rainy local formations on the western strip of the north and center of the Kingdom, during the day, while maximum temperatures are expected to be recorded around 9-11 degrees Celsius in the regions of the capital, Amman. , While cool and partly cloudy weather prevails in the rest of the regions.

As for Wednesday, the effect of the depression and the colder air mass begins, so that the southwest winds become active with gusts that may touch 60-70 km / hour, and there is a decrease in temperatures to become less than their general rates by about 10 degrees.

Cold and partly cloudy weather prevails, turning to cloudy at times in the north and center of the Kingdom, and isolated showers of rain fall in the north extending to parts of the center of the Kingdom, with a maximum temperature of around 7-9 degrees Celsius in the capital, Amman.

The impact of the depression deepens on Wednesday night and Thursday dawn, and a rainy front crosses, and rain falls in the north and center of the Kingdom, and extends to the western strip of the south of the Kingdom, and with Thursday morning, opportunities are prepared for snow showers.

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Jordan News

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