Transferring an impersonator of a voter in the municipal elections to the public prosecutor

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The National Center for Human Rights issued, this evening, Tuesday, its third statement on the conduct of the municipal and provincial council elections, and the Amman Municipality Council.

According to the statement, the center continued to monitor the conduct of the voting process within the elections, as the center recorded the following observations regarding the period preceding the closure of the polls, in addition to the observations related to the closure process:

Continuing electoral campaigning inside and in front of polling stations in the various governorates of the Kingdom, and the continued use of children for this purpose.

The team monitored the sons of one of the candidates trying to influence the will of the voters at the entrance to a polling station in Zarqa Governorate, which provoked the voters’ discontent.

A representative of a candidate escorts a female voter to the polling station and asks her to vote for one of the candidates, and to see her ballot paper, at one of the polling stations in the capital governorate.

The internet was cut off more than once in one of the polling stations in the northern Badia, and in one of the centers in the Capital Governorate, and the electoral process stopped as a result.

Continuing to photograph ballot papers in some polling stations and post some of these pictures in the form of video clips on social media.

The team monitored the presence of lists of voters with the candidates’ representatives and their marking of the voter’s name in some polling stations in the capital governorate.

The team monitored a voter talking by phone while he was voting inside the polling station in one of the polling stations in Jerash Governorate.

The team monitored the impersonation of a voter by a person, and it was referred to the public prosecutor.

Transfer of 2 ballot papers from one polling station to another in Mafraq Governorate by the head of the polling committee.

The existence of public security salaries inside some centers during the voting process and during the counting process.

The team monitored that the General Security prevented a voter from entering at (6:58) his polling station in one of the polling stations in the capital governorate.

The delay in closing polling stations in three polling stations in the Capital Governorate.

Asking all observers to turn off their phones and put them aside after closing the polling stations in more than one polling center in Ajloun governorate, which prevented the observers from sending observational notes, while the team monitored keeping the phones with the observers in other polling stations.

The counting process started in one of the polling stations, with the screens for the counting process not working.

In this regard, the Center indicated that it sent the monitoring observations related to the conduct of the electoral process on a timely basis to the Independent Election Commission in order to address them.
He pointed out that the center received several responses from the authority in this regard; Most notably, the transfer of the head of a committee in a polling station to an investigation committee because of the violations he committed, in addition to the fact that the inspection conducted by the General Security salaries of voters in one of the polling stations in the Capital Governorate was based on a report of the presence of armed persons, and coordination is continuing with regard to the remaining observations.

It is noteworthy that the center has prepared an operations room equipped with all the necessary needs to monitor and monitor the elections of governorate councils, municipal councils and the Amman Municipality Council. In all phases of the electoral process.

The center confirmed that its operations room receives citizens’ complaints about the conduct of the electoral process through the hotline number (0798866884) and land phone numbers (065932257 – 065930072 – 065920396).

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