Leave the deputies and notables on “Kabsa Wahda”

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publish date 2022-03-21 12:25:42

Representative Suleiman Abu Yahya expressed his disapproval of many deputies changing their views and positions after the laws were returned from the Senate.

He said that if the House of Representatives becomes appointed, and he and the House of Representatives “come into a better unity for us and for the people.”

The deputy’s intervention sparked widespread controversy under the dome and quarrels rejecting any words that offend the deputies, and that the parliament has its will and that it legislates correctly and its legislation does not pass by “mistake.”

Representative Abu Yahya affirmed that he insisted on the percentage approved by the House of Representatives regarding the percentage of women and youth participation in the parties’ law, which is ten percent.

He warned that the adoption of the twenty-percent rate will not help in the issue of gradualism in light of the people’s fear of the parties, stressing at the same time not to rush to adopt the new percentage for fear of disrupting and impeding the work of the parties.

He regretted that the notables repeated some of the correct decisions taken by the Parliament, describing the matter as “jakr.”


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Source : اخبار الاردن

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