British newspaper offers actor $70,000 for allegedly having affair with Meghan Markle

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Actor Simon Rex, who previously worked with Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, revealed he was offered $70,000 to claim he had an affair with Meghan, and Simon Rex, who appeared with Meghan on the sitcom, revealed this in a recent interview.

Prior to Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan was a famous and successful actress, widely known for her role in the TV series. SuitsMegan and Simon only appeared once in one episode of Cuts 2005. Meghan was already very popular at the time while Simon was struggling.

In a recent interview, Simon talked about his financial problems at the time and how many tabloids contacted him, offering large sums of money to claim he had an affair with Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle and Simon Rex

This came in a comment by the American star on a tweet published by a freelance writer on Twitter, saying that “the popular newspapers in the United Kingdom offered $ 70,000 to Simon Rex to claim that he had an affair with Markle.” hindustantimes Simon commented on this tweet by noting that he received a thank you letter from the Duchess of Sussex, saying, “That’s right, I framed the thank you letter you wrote to me, it has a very nice font by the way.”

Later, Rex said that many British tabloids, whose name was not mentioned, offered him the money, (70) thousand dollars, to say that their relationship had reached the point of intimacy, but he refused.

“I really went bankrupt! I needed the money, but I’d be on food vouchers before I did,” Rex was quoted as saying by the Guardian, adding that the Duchess wrote him a thank you letter for turning down the offer. You know there are still good people out there.”


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