5 uses for black honey in preparing your meals.. sweet and savory

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Your kitchen cupboard is not devoid of molasses, as many people like to eat it with cream or tahini, but some may be ignorant of the different uses of molasses in including it in many delicious dishes, whether sweet or savory, so the seventh day with Chef Rania Qassem reviews a set of recipes and dishes that enter Blackstrap molasses in its basic components are as follows:

First: molasses with chicken

The chef said that when you use a little molasses to season meat, it gives a sweet, light taste, and it helps in quick cooking of chicken and works to treat constipation in children. Useful gold with more of everyone’s favorite light crunch.

The chef added to you a special light seasoning that is used to soak the chicken in it and at the same time put it on the face for more crunch and the distinctive color of the chicken as follows:

How to make chicken seasoning with black honey

A mixture of fresh ginger, soy sauce and a spoonful of molasses makes this marinated chicken full of delicious flavour.

If you want to add a little heat, you can add some sriracha or hot red pepper flakes to the sauce.

After seasoning the chicken with the previous mixture, you must preheat the oven well before inserting the mold to get cooked chicken with a nice and crispy skin.

Second: molasses with meat

And the chef continued about seasoning meat with blackstrap molasses, saying that it is preferred with the Felto race, or with the entrecote casserole, or with the meat casserole with onions, or with feathers for grilling. Bite.

She added that a little of it with black pepper, nutmeg and mastic with a spoon of minced garlic and a little vinegar, and leave the meat in it for at least an hour and then start cooking it and enjoy a quick and enjoyable taste, or mix blackstrap molasses with ketchup, apple cider vinegar, a cup of oil, minced garlic , salt, pepper and spices such as chili powder, and marinate the meat with it.

Molasses also thickens barbecue sauce for meats such as pulled pork.

Third: The use of blackstrap molasses in dessert recipes

The chef added that molasses adds moisture and color to baked sweet pies such as apple pie, and the chef explained several ways to use treacle in your sweet dish as follows:

  1. As a dessert syrup, it is a quick and light alternative.
  2. An alternative to brown sugar, use a little white sugar and mix it with molasses.
  3. It is used in desserts such as apple and gingerbread pie recipes.


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