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Unstable weather and very cold polar winds

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publish date 2022-03-21 08:05:59

The temperatures are colder than their normal rates, God willing, in daylight hours for this time of the year by about 5-7 degrees Celsius.

In the morning, the weather will be very cold and mostly cloudy with medium and high clouds, with local showers of rain, God willing, in random areas, and precipitation may be in the form of scattered snow showers in some areas, especially in the eastern Badia.

The winds will be northeasterly to easterly with light speed, turning at noon to northwesterly moderate speed, active in the Badia regions and causing dust.

In the Gulf of Aqaba:

Wind: North, moderate to brisk.

Sea condition and wave height: light wave height (5-20 cm), but it is wavy in the depth of the bay.

Sea water surface temperature: 22 degrees Celsius.


1) Pay attention to the dangers of low horizontal visibility as a result of dust in the Badia regions, especially in the south in the afternoon.

2) Pay attention to the danger of slipping on the roads in the event of snow showers.


The weather will be very cold in most areas, with the continued appearance of medium and high clouds, especially in the south and east of the Kingdom, where the opportunity remains in those areas for local showers of rain in random areas.

Low clouds appear that touch the surface of the earth in the highlands of the north and center of the Kingdom, and temperatures approach zero degrees Celsius in the high mountainous heights.

The wind will be northwesterly moderate speed.


1) Attention to low temperatures and the need to take into account the safe use of heating means.

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