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The King and the Crown Prince receive telegrams on the 54th anniversary of the Battle of Karama

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publish date 2022-03-20 21:23:07

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His Majesty King Abdullah II received cables from senior civil and military officials on the 54th anniversary of the Battle of Eternal Dignity, which falls on Monday.

HRH Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, also received similar telegrams on this occasion.

The senders of the telegrams recalled the Battle of Al-Karama, in which the elites of the Arab army, the Mostafa, wrote the most magnificent heroisms and sacrifices under the leadership of the late – God willing – His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal – may his soul rest in peace.

They affirmed that the immortal victory of dignity constituted a milestone in the history of the homeland and the nation, reinforcing the Jordanian state’s strength and steadfastness on the right principles and right, and its defense of the nation’s issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause, which His Majesty King Abdullah II continues to lead efforts to defend.

The senders of the telegrams valued the efforts of His Majesty the King for the sake of the nation’s advancement and its valiant Jordanian armed forces.

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