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The “Islamic Work Education” calls for an investigation into an image with connotations of homosexuality

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publish date 2022-03-20 23:29:27

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Today, Sunday, the Education Committee of the Islamic Action Front Party issued a press statement regarding what was reported by the media regarding a picture of two children adjacent to each other with symbols with emotional significance written under the word (like me) in an enrichment activity for a private school, according to the statement of the Minister of Education, Dr. Wajih Owais. .

The committee deplored what was reported by the media, wondering why such activities were not subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Education, which according to the picture appears to be part of a textbook for a private school, but it is not one of the official Jordanian curricula books, which means that it is an activity book for the school, knowing that the books Activities or enrichment in private schools are subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Education and are required to obtain the approval of the Ministry for its approval.

The committee was surprised by the Minister of Education’s words that the picture, which includes a reference to homosexuals, was published in good faith and was not intended to offend, prior to the investigation of the case. .

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Jordan News

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