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Learn about the instructions and conditions for setting up Ramadan tents in Oman

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publish date 2022-03-21 17:23:32

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Today, Monday, the Greater Amman Municipality announced the instructions and conditions for setting up Ramadan tents.

The instructions for restaurants stipulated that the tent belong to a professionally licensed shop “cafeteria, tourist restaurant, coffee shop, café or hotel,” and that it be adjacent to the shop and form part of it.

The conditions prohibited the setting up of Ramadan tents in areas organized for housing, except for hotels. less than 250 metres.

The instructions stipulated providing insurance or a bank check for a value of 1,000 dinars to ensure compliance with the instructions, securing sufficient parking spaces, providing a valet service for vehicles, providing health facilities, not serving alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, and adhering to the profession licensed for the shop not to offer water pipes in tents belonging to shops that do not have a profession license. Providing hookah – and adhering to the instructions for providing waterpipe issued by the Ministry of Health related to shops that have a professions license – offering hookah.

With regard to the tents for “bakeries and sweets shops,” the instructions allowed professionally licensed shops to set up a tent for the purpose of preparing and selling Qatayef without collecting the exploitation allowance, provided that the tent is adjacent to the bakery and forms a part of it, adherence to environmental and health conditions and not exploiting the sidewalks.

And for shops licensed professionally to sell “electrical appliances,” the instructions allowed the setting up of a Ramadan tent to display and sell lanterns and decorations for the holy month of Ramadan, with the obligation that the tent be adjacent to the shop or built on an empty piece of land that is not connected to the shop, regardless of its area, with the condition of the owner’s approval.

According to the instructions, an application for obtaining tents is submitted to the directorates of the secretariat regions, accompanied by a copy of the profession license belonging to the applicant, while the site is inspected by the concerned departments, and the authority to decide on the decision to grant the permit is entrusted to the directors of the regions.

The instructions stipulated that the tent or tray should be of good weather-resistant material, not disturb the neighbors or impede traffic, abide by the duration of the permit and remove the tent within three days from the date of its expiry, and place the permit on the tent in a prominent place while giving the secretariat full right to terminate the permit And remove the tent in case of violation of the conditions or the existence of a real complaint.

According to the instructions, the permit period is only one month (the holy month of Ramadan) for all tents, with the exception of shops selling electrical appliances, starting ten days before the start of the month of Ramadan and continuing until its end.

The instructions emphasized that it was not permitted to set up any Ramadan tent until after obtaining the necessary permit.

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