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Deputy: The government cannot pressure MPs

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publish date 2022-03-20 22:36:10

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Representative Ahmed Al-Sarrahna stressed that the government cannot put pressure on the House of Representatives, noting that it is the MPs who put pressure on the government and not the other way around.

Al-Sarahna added, in his speech on the “Pulse of the Country” program, on the “Roya” channel screen, this evening, Sunday, that we are “fighting” with the government to “employ people,” stressing that the government cannot pressure Parliament in any way.

He pointed out that the reasons that prompted him to submit his resignation from the Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee are the health insurance problem and contracting with private hospitals, and the statements of the committee chairman, Representative Farid Haddad, that this agreement represents a waste of public money and a way to privatize the health sector.

Al-Sarahneh continued: One of the reasons is also for the head of the committee to publish a document that was originally not to inform the media about who signed this document regarding the contract agreement between private hospitals and the Ministry of Health, considering that publishing this document is a defamation of him.

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