International Day of Happiness.. 5 mistakes that deprive you of a sense of happiness and contentment

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On the International Day of Happiness, many people seek to obtain the greatest degree of happiness and joy, whether at the familial, familial, and even emotional and professional levels, which may make some walk like a marathon in order to seize moments of happiness to feel them, and on the other hand there are some circumstances or feelings Which may stand in the way of obtaining these beautiful feelings of happiness and contentment, so the seventh day reviews with stress management consultant Dr. Abdul Azim Al-Khadrawi 5 obstacles to your happiness in life as follows:


A psychological stress management consultant said that comparing what you own and what others have is one of the reasons for disturbing life and reducing enjoying it. If we follow the method of comparison and imitation, our mind will never calm down, and we will always be in a race with others to buy and race to establish relationships, and we will not be able to keep up, and thus we burn psychologically and fall under the constant pressures of life.


On the International Day of Happiness, it is important to remember that being satisfied with our physical capabilities, senses, relationships, feelings and possessions is a magical solution to obtain temporary peace that enables us to achieve and achieve our dreams in life. Psychological.

Waiting for the great joy:

Waiting for great joy to come to change our lives suddenly is one of the most disturbing reasons for the present moment. We are supposed to feel enjoyment in simple daily activities, not only great achievements, and great joys are happiness, but true happiness is in the simple details that combine to form the big picture of reassurance.

Free Ownership:

One of the frustrations of happiness is that we always covet everything that is free or on it (offer) and discounts, but the truth is that life is nothing in free, even happiness is the product of diligence and a change of thinking and the effort to search for it. Feelings of contentment and feelings of dispensation and contentment with what exists, nothing is free is an important rule of life

Loss of purpose and meaning:

He concluded about the reasons for some people not feeling happy or delaying them, that life must have a purpose and meaning that we seek to achieve and implement, otherwise life becomes worthless and therefore our pursuit of it becomes behind a mirage and therefore we will not reach anything and we will not reach feelings of tranquility and tranquility.


feeling dissatisfied
feeling dissatisfied

International Day of Happiness
International Day of Happiness


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