How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp?

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publish date 2022-03-20 09:29:28

Accidentally sending a message to the wrong person can be embarrassing a lot of times, and the introduction of Delete Messages feature on WhatsApp has come in handy for the users. But did you know that deleted messages can be recovered using an unknown trick involving the app’s notification history?
A tech expert shared a video on TikTok, explaining exactly how you can view deleted messages on your Android device, which is very easy.

The expert explains that if you are using an Android device, it is as simple as opening the Settings app on your phone. Next, find “Notification History” and turn it on.
Then you can open the Settings app again, head to your notification history and tap Recently Rejected any time you want to see which messages have been deleted. Unfortunately, the trick does not work on the iPhone because it does not have a notification history feature, but this may change in the future.

Deleting messages allows you to remove certain messages from individual or group chats after they have been sent. Tap and hold a message, then tap Delete. Doing so will replace the deleted message with a notification that says “This message has been deleted”. You only have seven minutes to remove the message after sending it, so be sure to do it quickly.

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