Diseases that prevent people from driving a car

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publish date 2022-03-20 09:30:45

Many diseases and injuries require stopping or avoiding driving a car because driving is an activity that requires a lot of concentration that a person may lose or reduce due to some diseases.

In this context, the Russian doctor, Andrei Kondrakhin, called on those who suffer from an acute viral infection of the respiratory system to avoid driving.

He said that if the respiratory system is infected with an acute viral infection, accompanied by a rise in temperature, poisoning, headache, and sweating, these symptoms are evidence of inflammation, which in turn leads to poor attention and senses in general, which represents a danger while driving.

He pointed out that “the traffic rules say: If a person feels ill and cannot perform certain functions that require more concentration and attention, he has no right to drive a car. These cases may include dizziness or poisoning associated with infectious diseases.”

Kondrakhin explained that it is also impossible to drive a car in life-threatening health conditions, adding that “those who suffer from coronary heart disease in the acute stage, which causes severe chest pain and high blood pressure that may precede a stroke or stroke, are not allowed to drive.” .

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