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The government: the rise in cucumbers and tomatoes is temporary.. and these are the prices of the rest of the vegetables

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publish date 2022-03-20 14:02:16

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Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Agriculture said that the rise in the prices of cucumbers and tomatoes is temporary, noting a decrease in the rest of agricultural products in local markets.

The media spokesman for the ministry, Lawrence Majali, confirmed that the rise in cucumbers and tomatoes is temporary and is caused by lower temperatures, which affect the areas planted with these two products. Temperatures.

The government: “crazy hikes” in prices .. and the merchant has the right to profit

Al-Majali indicated that these items are considered highly sensitive and difficult to store, which in the event of increased productivity will lead to an increase in the quantities imported to the markets and a decrease in their prices before the holy month of Ramadan.

He added that the rest of the agricultural products witnessed a decrease in their prices, as the average prices in the supermarkets were low, such as potatoes 35 piasters, onions 30 piasters, pepper 80 piasters, cauliflower 40 piasters, zucchini 40 piasters, eggplant 40 piasters, lemon 50 piasters, and garlic a dinar.

Al-Majali pointed out that what was circulated about the rise of all products is incorrect, and even in cucumbers and tomatoes, the rise was not as was circulated by some.

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