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The government authorizes the relevant ministers to take appropriate decisions to ensure price stability

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publish date 2022-03-20 18:34:26

The Council of Ministers, in its session held today, Sunday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, discussed the measures taken by the relevant ministries and institutions in controlling markets and ensuring the provision of goods to citizens at reasonable prices.

The Council authorized the concerned ministers to take appropriate decisions to ensure the stability of commodity prices, control any attempts at monopoly, exaggeration or speculation, and maintain a fair margin of profit. Including allowing the import of some commodities, setting price ceilings for others, and according to the law that governs these operations in each sector.

The Council of Ministers listened to explanations from the concerned ministers about the mechanisms for controlling the rise in the prices of some commodities during the past days, especially some types of vegetables that were affected by cold waves and frosts, and some dairy products, in addition to other materials such as iron and cement.

The Council directed to the necessity of tightening control over the markets, controlling any practices that might prejudice the livelihood of citizens, and taking any measures that would contribute to alleviating them, especially with the approach of the blessed month of Ramadan.

On a related level, the Council of Ministers decided to extend the procedures it took at the end of last year, with the aim of strengthening the strategic stock and providing support to the private sector, in a way that contributes to reducing costs on it, and is reflected in the stability of prices of basic commodities and foodstuffs, and facilitating the flow of their access, which was scheduled to end On March 31, 2022 AD.

The measures include: reducing inspection fees on imported foodstuffs by (30%) for a period of six months, starting from 1/4/2022 AD, and extending the exemption period for storing containers from (6) days to (14) days for a period of six months as well, and for basic materials Just.
The procedures also include: Reducing inspection fees in yard (4) for containers by (15) dinars per container for basic materials for a period of six months, starting from 1/4/2022 AD; The inspection fee for a container with a capacity of (40) feet becomes (60) dinars instead of (75) dinars, and for a container with a capacity of (20) feet, it becomes a value of (50) dinars instead of (65) dinars.

On the other hand, the Council of Ministers approved the recommendations of the Committee for the Settlement of Outstanding Issues between Taxpayers and the Income and Sales Tax Department, to settle the tax situations of (6) taxpayers, who had obligations in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Law and the General Sales Tax Law, based on the requests submitted by them. Assigned to the Committee.

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