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Kalaldeh: 9 thousand dinars, the cost of one electoral fund

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publish date 2022-03-20 19:58:04

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The head of the commissioners of the Independent Election Commission, Dr. Khaled Kalaldeh, revealed that the cost of one electoral fund in the elections costs 9,000 dinars, indicating that this cost is the rewards of human cadres and the necessary electronic devices.

In his speech to this evening’s program on Jordan TV this evening, he added that these elections, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, will witness the presence of 6937 electoral boxes in the various governorates of the Kingdom.

Kalaldeh indicated that the budget of the Independent Election Commission annually amounts to two and a half million dinars.

He pointed out that 36% is the percentage of women’s participation in the electoral process in terms of organizing it within the cadres of the Commission, in addition to the presence of 2500 volunteers, and the percentage of young women participating in these cadres is 47%.

It is noteworthy that, on Tuesday, the Kingdom will witness elections at the level of municipal councils, governorate councils, and the Greater Amman Municipality Council.

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Jordan News

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