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A polar air mass affects Jordan on Wednesday

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publish date 2022-03-19 23:42:29

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It is expected that the temperatures throughout the current week will be lower than the general averages by about (5 to 10) degrees Celsius by the end of the week, according to the MENA Weather platform.

And the platform expected that the weather will stabilize tomorrow, Sunday, with the appearance of clouds at different heights, and maximum temperatures between 9-11 degrees in the capital, Amman, while the chances of rain will increase at night.

On Monday, the Kingdom is affected by a state of atmospheric instability; Therefore, it is possible that local rain showers will fall in random areas of the Kingdom, and hail and snow rain (freezing rain) may sometimes be associated with cold temperatures and less than the annual average, as the maximum temperature is expected to be between 10-12 degrees Celsius in Amman.

The weather is also stable on Tuesday, but it remains colder than usual for this time of year, with maximum temperatures between 9-11 degrees Celsius in Oman, and moderate southwesterly winds.

Turkey is currently affected by a new air mass of polar origin that works on snowfall at sea level, and it is expected to move towards the southwest (southwest of Turkey), and that an air depression will form over the island of Crete on Monday and move towards the east on Tuesday and Wednesday to affect the Kingdom next Wednesday evening , while its effect continues until Friday evening.

It is expected that chances of rainfall will be renewed in various regions of the Kingdom, with a chance of snow showers falling over the peaks of the high mountainous heights, and temperatures are expected to be less than average by more than 10 degrees Celsius in most areas, as winter conditions continue in the spring.

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